Healthcare businesses are required to be adaptive to a complex environment, including the continual changes in healthcare federal regulations, workforce development, public policy, social policy, and reductions in federal grants if they want to remain financially sustainable. All of this is with their number one objective of balancing quality patient care. There are many partners to serve as resources to each of these businesses including; healthcare industries, public officials, legislators, consultants and consumers. However, information is continually changing and understanding how to navigate the system is challenging.

Training Programs

  • Policy & Procedure Transparency
  • Developing Partnerships
  • Shared Resources
  • Leadership Training
  • Moxy Health Policy & Consulting, LLC.

    Transparency with integrity

    Each person and/or entity has an objective to be successful. Understanding each other’s goals and assisting each other to meet them with integrity.

  • Moxy Health Policy & Consulting, LLC.


    There are many stakeholders in this complex world of healthcare. It is impossible for one entity to have all of the information for a business to be successful. The key is to leverage resources through a network of relationships balancing each entities strengths and collaboration.

  • Moxy Health Policy & Consulting, LLC.

    Transformational Leadership in healthcare

    Working with motivational and inspirational leaders who want to have a mutual goal of sustainable delivery systems for quality healthcare.

  • Moxy Health Policy & Consulting, LLC.

    Pharmacy Services Training

    Focuses on the interworking of a Medicaid pharmacy program and the key relationships between practitioners, manufacturers, and government representatives.

  • Moxy Health Policy & Consulting, LLC.

    Business Organizational Training

    Focuses on working with entities strengths and resources to maximizes best fit to increase leadership potential, maximize revenue, and internal/external business relationships.

  • Moxy Health Policy & Consulting, LLC.

    Medical Documentation Training

    Focuses on understanding the correlation between the medical documentation, utilization review and policy standards.